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Fighting for safe communities, great schools and a strong economy.


John's Priorities

Safe Communities

  • Support our Police
  • Invest in Mental Health
  • Support Reasonable Gun Laws
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Great Schools

  • Support Public Education
  • Protect Public Education Tax Dollars
  • Strengthen Local Control
  • Support Parents
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Strong Economy

  • Support Small Businesses
  • Support Agricultural Investment
  • Lower Property Taxes
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Women's Rights

  • Protect Women’s Reproductive Rights
  • Eliminate Sexism & Gender Bias
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Meet John George

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the position of state representative in Pennsylvania House District 37. With over four decades of exceptional leadership in the field of education, I am confident in my ability to bring about positive change in our communities. My proven track record of promoting excellence in education and improving the lives of children and adults has prepared me well for this role. My bipartisan approach has allowed me to work effectively with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. I believe in transcending political divides to address shared goals and values that matter most to our constituents.

My candidacy is based on three pillars that are crucial for the well-being of our state: safe communities, great schools, and a strong economy. I am confident that I can leverage my vast experience to bring pragmatic solutions that benefit all residents. My ability to work across party lines and my commitment to excellence will ensure that Pennsylvania thrives. I will work to build a future where our communities excel, our schools flourish, and our economy prospers for the betterment of every citizen.                  Read John’s Biography

John George

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Words to Govern By

Ronald Reagan's timeless words—"You and I are told that we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is only an up or down"—remind us to transcend partisan divides to do what is right to make the lives of our citizens better. As a state representative candidate, I am not fond of partisan politics and am troubled by a divided and ineffective government. I will not be beholden to any political party, but only to the people of Lititz, Manheim, and Ephrata communities. Drawing from my 42 years in education leadership and working directly with elected officials in Washington, DC and Harrisburg on education and health policy, I not only have a long history of working successfully with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents but also a record of improving communities and schools. Effective leaders listen, seek to understand diverse perspectives, and then create solutions for the common good. I have successfully put this principle in practice and I can find ways to bridge ideologies to get things done.

“Be with a leader when he is right, stay with him when he is still right, but, leave him when he is wrong.”

Abraham Lincoln

16th U.S. President

“Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”

Ronald Reagan

40th U.S. President

“Don’t confuse being ‘soft’ with seeing the other guy’s point of view.”

George H.W. Bush

41st U.S. President

“The problem with any ideology is that it gives you the answer before you examine the evidence.”

Bill Clinton

42nd U.S. President

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